Wednesday, 09 December 2015 23:27

OpenSAND 4.0. released Featured

CNES, the VITAL project partner, release the OpenSAND 4.0.0 version this week.

OpenSAND is an user-friendly and efficient tool to emulate satellite communication systems, mainly DVB-RCS - DVB-S2. It provides a suitable and simple means for performance evaluation and innovative access and network techniques validation. Its ability to interconnect real equipments with real applications provides excellent demonstration means and is of particular importance for the VITAL hybid emulation environment to validate virutalized SatCom modules.

The new release is available within the Net4Sat [1] forge platform, owned by the CNES and dedicated to network research on satellite communications. The OpenSAND website [2] has been updated consequently, and the sources and report bugs on the Net4Sat gitlab [3] is available, with possibility to join the mailing list or to install the last version. Also, there is a new repository now available [4].

This version contains mainly these updates:

  • add SCPC access on return link
  • add multi-spot support
  • add multi-GW support
  • add support for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • add a new interface for resources management
  • rework MODCOD handling

OpenSAND will be enhanced during the VITAL project to add new features for the virtualization platform and to integrate the emulation platform into an OpenStack VIM to enable the necessary configuration platform for validating the SatCloudRAN approaches in VITAL. Furthermore, OpenSAND will be integrated as the key SatCom emulation link to perform final end-to-end validation of different VITAL use cases, both in conjuction with physical testbeds and hybrid emulation environments from the project. Stay tuned to our blogspace for new updates.

[1] The Net4Sat forge website
[2] The OpenSAND website
[3] The OpenSAND gitlab on Net4Sat
[4] The OpenSAND repository
[5] The OpenSAND mailing list
[6] The OpenSAND bugtracker