Wednesday, 09 December 2015 23:09

VITAL plenary meeting in Rome Featured

The third plenary meeting of VITAL project is taking place during these days at Rome, hosted jointly by Intecs and Create-Net. The main purpose of the meeting is to review the progress with the project especially with the transition phase from the architecture consolidation to the development phase of the project. One of the main discussion points is the VITAL innovation aspect with the work on SatCom gateway and SatCom core network virtualization, which is a major focus in VITAL. Furthermore, there were several interactions on the architectural traits with the NFV infrastructure management and orchestration and the SDN component for the NFVI PoP with NF chaining, and the combination with the SDN applied to the SatCom domain as a whole. Such combination is unique in a multi-domain network like that of VITAL. In this direction, there were discussions on the design aspect of the Federation broker and its control interfaces.

Partners also discussed the plans for preparation of the first technical audit of the project, which is scheduled for late-January 2016. In this regard, several interactions happened on the demos and PoC that will be showcased during the review. Further, the development phase progress was also discussed, with specific inputs on the VNF developpment, the NFV platform approaches followed by the partners, and the SDN/NFV orchestration framework.

Several options for dissemination and communication actions for the next semester in 2016 were also discussed, which is a critical phase of the VITAL project in order to gain traction in several areas, including relevant standardisation initiatives, like ETSI & IETF; and plans for interaction/dissemination at EU level events, including liaison with closely related projects were also discussed. Please watch the webspace of VITAL in order to follow the progress with the dissemination actions which will be communicated through the project website.