Public Material

Public Project Presentation  1/09/2015 Download
Project Factsheet  29/9/2015 Download
Project Flyer 30/06/2016 Download
Project Newsletter 30/07/2017 Download


The VITAL deliverables are listed below:

Del. (number) Deliverable name Delivery date Dess. level
D2.1 Use Cases, Requirements and preliminary System architecture 1/8/2015 Public Approved
D2.2 System and Functional Requirements: Final report 1/2/2016 Public Approved
D2.3 System architecture: Final report 1/5/2016 Public Approved
D2.4 Feasibility study and analysis on Techno-economics of VITAL solution 1/2/2017 Confidential Submitted

D3.1 Interim Report on Virtualized ground segment and core network functions 1/11/2015 Confidential Approved
D3.2 Interim Report on NFV Manager and performance assessment procedures 1/11/2015 Public Approved
D3.3 Virtualized ground segment and core network functions 1/8/2016 Confidential  Approved
D3.4 NFV Manager Implementation 1/2/2017 Confidential Submitted
D3.5 Performance assessment and recommendations for optimisation 1/8/2017 Public Submitted

D4.1 Draft network resource management rframework 1/11/2015 Confidential Approved
D4.2 Network Resource management framework and initial performance assessment of algorithmic solutions 1/8/2016 Public Approved
D4.3 Federated Network Resource management (FNRM) Design 1/8/2016 Public Approved
D4.4 Implementation of the FNRM 1/2/2017 Confidential Submitted
D4.5 Final network resource management framework and performance assessments 1/8/2017 Public Submitted

D5.1 Physical testbed architecture design and specifications 1/5/2016 Public Submitted
D5.2 Emulated testbed architecture design and specifications 1/5/2016 Public Submitted
D5.3 Interim Report on System Integration and Interoperability Testing  1/2/2017 Confidential Submitted
D5.4  System Integration and Interoperability Testing 1/5/2017 Confidential Submitted
D5.5 Final Validation and Performance Analysis Report 1/8/2017 Public Submitted

D6.1 Dissemination and communication plan 1/4/2015 Public Approved
D6.2 VITAL Data Management Plan 1/8/2015  Public Approved
D6.3 Dissemination and promotion activities report (1) 1/11/2015 Public Approved
D6.4 Dissemination and promotion activities report (2) 1/8/2016 Public Approved
D6.5 Dissemination and promotion activities report (3) 1/8/2017 Public Submitted
D6.6 Standardization and exploitation plan – Initial version 1/12/2015 Public Approved
D6.7 Standardization and exploitation plan – Final version 1/8/2017 Public Submitted
D6.8 Report on commercialization potential and short-term go-to-market opportunities for VITAL 1/8/2017 Confidential Submitted