Develop a system based on NFV/SDN principles and technologies for the hybrid combination of terrestrial and satellite networking infrastructures, defining network components and interfaces at terminal, system/network and service levels.

  • Implementation and performance characterisation of a number of virtualised SatCom networking components and functions, together with the NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) management framework.
  • Proof of concept implementation of a federated network resource management framework and evaluation of the resource management approaches over hybrid NFV/SDN-based Satellite-Terrestrial Networks.
  • Validation and demonstration of the concepts through a combination of real test-beds and emulators, addressing short-to-medium term applicability (demonstrated through test-bed platforms with real equipment) as well as medium-to-long term applicability (demonstrated through a combination of test-bed platforms and emulators).
  • Business models evaluation, techno-economic analysis and roadmap for exploitation and commercialization.