VITAL has an ambitious goal to transform convergence between SatCom and terrestrial networks, leveraging the SDN/NFV paradigm. While the SDN/NFV concepts are starting to pave its way into the carrier network domain, allowing more flexible control of communication networks, it is not yet explored within the SatCom domain. Furthermore, the integrated network management infrastructure as proposed in VITAL to achieve flexible and easier hybrid inter-networking between the two domains and in combination with the intelligent NFV infrastructure will create an innovative step in the terrestrial-satellite interworking space with opportunities to create applications offering seamless delivery across the domains. Standards bodies like ETSI, IETF and ONF dealing with SDN/NFV technologies have acknowledged the priority and interests of seeking innovative approaches to address multi-domain network infrastructure management. VITAL will not only contribute to this path, but will also provide practical evidence of their applicability, as well as valuable feedback to the scientific community and industry fora.

A clear impact expected from VITAL is the creation of new market players who can develop and bring to the market competitive and integrated solutions for SatCom and terrestrial networks by offering high capacity, economically efficient service provisioning with associated transparent business models.

The project approach to dissemination and exploitation activities is based on a systematically planned and interlinked activities outlined in two plans:

(i) a Community Building and Dissemination Plan, focused at bringing together a community of researchers and practitioners surrounding the VITAL concepts;
(ii) an Exploitation and Technology maturation plan, aimed at identifying the opportunities for the technology and commercial use of the knowledge and intellectual property derived from the project outcomes.